Well I work from home and much of my space is used for my business, but I do have a Rack instead of a Shack. My Rack is located just to the right of my workbench which doubles as part Shack and Part workshop for my business.

It is currently small and a few basic antennas on the roof, but it is growing slowly. I have some Triangular Gal sections that will hopefully allow me to get the antennas a bit higher, and at present the mobile radios in the rack are actually UHF commercial radios on my commercial frequency. Plus a bunch of handhelds used for a mixture of commercial UHF and Amateur Radio work.

R(Sh)ack Pics

Planned Improvements

  • A basic dual-band transceiver 2m/70cm for making contacts when at the bench – I currently have to go outside to get a decent copy.
  • I have already ordered a keyboard/mouse drawer to slide under the bench to get them off the top of the bench.
  • My daughter (VK2FLIZ) suggested that I make the bench deeper by adding an extra section at the back and bring the existing front out by about 4 inches. I lake that idea and might just do it.
  • I was looking at a 10m radio the other day – not yet 100% convinced (Im really not into HF) but maybe I could have something down in that neck of the woods – Just for fun.
  • Antenna Analyser – I want one that does VHF up to 2.7Ghz for testing Antennas and specifically for testing Antennas that can TX video up to Lawson on 23cm
  • Id be happy to run up a 23cm transceiver, but i hear that the band is not very active. Maybe I should start with receiving on an SDR and see whats there. Is it worth the $$?
  • I do want some better soldering gear – maybe even for surface mount soldering, but will my eyesight cope?
  • I also want to have a dedicated serial terminal setup for serial console work (for both work and play)
  • I also want to add a bunch of test ports (various networks, PoE and the like right on the bench.